среда, 7 сентября 2016 г.

Kitchen faucets have to withstand enormous loads daily. His exploit all members of the family - young and old - for a variety of purposes, starting with the "ordinary" hand washing and finishing with a global seasonal cleaning of fruits and vegetables before canning. Moreover, not always the kitchen faucet is honored to be opened by hand - often in the course are the elbows, dishes, etc. Statistical studies periodically conducted by leading manufacturers, show that these products "undergo" on average about a hundred openings and closings per day.. Therefore, the basic requirements to them - exemplary wear resistance and ease of use. In addition, plumbing fixtures worthless to stand out from the general "context" room - it clearly indicates that the appearance of the product also plays a role. So, before you choose a kitchen faucet, be sure to familiarize yourself with the key characteristics of the samples on the market, with their classification, the subtleties and nuances of the design of care.

All manufactured to date kitchen faucets are divided into: single-lever; dvuhventilnye; Noncontact. The vast majority of consumers (80%) give their preference for the first option. The relevance of these or caused structural features of the lineup.

The fact is that in the single-lever mixer set specific water temperatures and affect the flow rate can be even a little finger - a significant advantage for active hostesses holding cooking a lot and often. These products are more economical and - unlike dvuhventilnyh, which account for a very long time to adjust to the desired "thermal wave". But, in fairness, it is worth noting that only dvuhventilnye samples will truly emphasize the exclusivity of the kitchen in a retro style.

Another key point, which is interested in before buying mixer - what materials it is made. Enamel is beautiful, but do not stand - bounces. Nickel can cause allergic reactions. "Under the gold" alloys require special treatment, in addition, not every interior look harmonious. Like it or not, but the best units - Brass. The optimal coating is chromium. Why Chrome? This material is hygienic: the surface - completely "useless" for microorganisms place.